The story of Tosyali Holding which was established in 1952 first started with the Father Şerif Tosyalı turning to hand work stove – pipe / boiler-bucket production in his 9 m2 shop in Iskenderun. As time passed, Master Şerif's sons, Fuat, Ayhan and Fatih Tosyali took over the flag and set about trading live in 1970s. By purchasing a site in Iskenderun Orginized Industrial Zone in 1993, the three brothers turned over a new leaf in trading and took their place in the market.


Tosyali Demir Celik San. A.S.  investment idea became reality after a while. In the investment which was completed one year later, which started with the rolling mill building and after that, the construction of the iron production which would be under way and the year after the proceeding with angle iron production in the same mill.


A smart move, was the decision to establish Tosyali Dis Ticaret A.S. in 1996 in order to market the production more effectively, which was increasing with each passing day, both locally and abroad. The brothers’ idea, now developing rapidly, never ceased production and evaluating the existing market, continued with their investments uninterruptedly. Shortly after 1997 in Iskenderun Organized Industrial Zone the Toscelik Profil ve Sac Endustrisi A.S.was established and following it’s establishment in 1998, the formation of Tosyalı Holding with the cooperation of all the companies serving in the sector, according to year 2000 data Toscelik Profil ve Sac Endustrisi A.S. was ranked 423th among ISO biggest 500 companies.


Toscelik Galvanized Pipe Production Facility investment was started in 2002. Following the construction of the initial investment, which took approximately 2 years, while the first galvanized pipe was delivered in 2004, Tosyalı decided in 2005 for the production of natural gas pipes and low carbon steel granules.


Meanwhile in 2006 Toscelik Granul Sanayi A.S. was founded in order to provide better services to the Marmara Region customers and dealers, the investment of Istanbul Dilovası Steel Service Center was started. With all these developments the Tosyalı Holding with its 100 Million Dollars exports value was ranked 90th in Turkey.

The Tosyali Family headed for new investments in order to further strengthen its position in the sector. Amongst these, Osmaniye Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Production Facilities and Toscelik Osmaniye Flat – Structural Steel Production Facilities initiated it’s construction in April 2008. The completed Istanbul Dilovasi Steel Service Center started production in Marmara Region.

Not slipping its pace in the industry, Toscelik started production in April 2009 in the Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Facility within the Osmaniye Facilities organization and additionally also introduced liquid steel and ingot production in the Toscelik Osmaniye Flat and Structural Steel Production Facilities. In November 2009 on the other hand, the hot sheet rolling mill was commissioned in the Toscelik Osmaniye Flat and Structural Steel Production Facilities and the first hot rolled sheet production was launched as Turkish private sector’s first flat steel production facility.



Through his substantial contribution to increase the employement rate in the region, Fuat Tosyali was elected as “The Investor of the Year” by a reputable newspaper of Turkey, named Dunya Newspaper in 2010. At the same time Toscelik Profil ve Sac End. A.S. became Hatay's record holder in Corporate Income Tax. By the Gebze Industrialist Businessmen association, Tosyali Holding was awarded as "Turkey's Most Successful Economic Enterprise of the Year"


The rapidly rising Tosyali Holding's decided stance, was clearly evidenced by the ISO ranking. In the ISO 2010 first 500 companies ranking, while Toscelik Profil ve Sac Endustrisi A.S. was listed 28th as the Turkish Steel Pipe Sector's leader, the Tosyali Demir Celik San. A.S. on the other hand, was listed as 132nd. Thus both companies of the holding had entered this prestigious listing.That same year, Fuat Tosyali, Chairman of the Board of Tosyali Holding was given “The Industrialist of the Year” award by Ekovitrin.


Tosyali, continuing with its industry development and investment drive, is continuing its activities in Osmaniye Organized Industrial Region with its Pipe Production Facilities investment having Europe's largest closed space. With the commissioning of the first slitting machine in the facility, the installation works were also being rapidly continued.


Tosyali Holding which closed 2011 with these big investments, donations and projects, welcomed the year 2012 with the Japanese giant Toyo-Kohan. Tosyali which signed a joint venture agreement with the Japanese steel giant is continuing with its investments and its advance.


In year 2012 Tosyali Holding has completed the acquisition of Zelezara Niksic in Monte Negro under the name Toscelik Niksic. This plant produces engineering steels in Europe and mainly exports its product to Europe. This acqusition is valued over Eur 105 Million by the appraisal experts. Moreover, the investment on rebar production which is valued over USD 500 Million in Algeria has been completed. This is the largest investment of a Turkish Investor outside Turkey to date.  In the same year Toscelik Profil ve Sac End. A.S was listed as 25th in the ISO rankings and Tosyali Holding became the biggest exporting company in the South Region in Turkey.


The growth of Tosyali Holding in the year 2012 with the acquisition of Zelezara plant, Algeria investments and with the domestic investmensts has brought the company to a World wide steel producer.