As Tosyalı Holding together with our employees we have embraced the principle of provide service to you, our valuable business partners with our philosophy of offering quality and original products by following innovations and the Technology at every stage of our work life.

We believe that for people to leave a mark in their life process is only possible by serving the community and the country.

In the path we started out with this belief, our working principle has always been "Do your job good; the success follows." While taking Tosyalı Holding to the point it has come today, believing that the value we place on human and quality is our most important advantage, we have always adopted as a our principle working with discipline, quality and customer focus, creativity and innovation.

By moving into the higher ranks among the fastest growing 500 companies, and at the same time the 3 companies of the Tosyalı Group becoming tax record holders in the cities where they are situated, is the greates Rail System of our not making concessions from our principles and values.

While donating to the Ministry of National Education the Tosçelik Science Lycee, the Osmaniye Tosçelik Society Science Lycee, and for reintegrating our disable children into the society, the Tosyalı Education Practice School and Vocational Education Center with the belief that one of the most important services is to raise propitious generations beneficial for the society, we have also donated the Hacı Pervin Tosyalı Compassion Homes to the Social Services and Child Welfare Organization. These social responsibility projects from us which, in addition to the benefits they bring to the society, also give us great spiritual pleasures will continue without stopping and with each added new project our children and these organizations will be raised with the most modern and critical education facilities, meeting all their needs and shall be the building blocks in the future of our country.

Valuable business partners;

In the path we started with the love of putting one more stone on a stone in our country, your supports until now have always brought us strength and also in the future in reaching our new goals you will be our greatest support. I thank you for the unlimited support you have given us until now and for your sincere cooperation and offer you my sincerest love and respects.

Chairman fire the Board of Directors