Compensation Policy;
Our employees are paid the wages determined according to the "Wages Management Policy" determined according to the monthly salary (the fixed monthly wage), daily wag or hourly wage system regulated by the Labor Act or another system and over the amount determined by the employment contract. Adjustments of wages are made once a year in the month of January and Net wages policy is applicable.

Food Allowance;
Our employees are given one meal consisting of at least three dishes on full time business days. In locations where the food is not available the personnel is paid the amount for the food.

Maternity Benefit;
Maternity benefit is given to the employee who gives birth or her spouse to be for the employee who has given birth.

Marriage Benefit;
Marriage benefit is given in the event our employees get married.

Holiday Allowance;
Our employees are paid Holiday Allowance on Religious Holidays.

Fuel Allowance;
Our employees are paid Fuel Allowance every year in September.

Towel Allowance;
All Blue Color employees and Technical Personnel are paid Towel Allowance two times a year, every January and July.

Transportation Benefit;
Our employees' travels to and from the workplace is done via workplace services.