Esteemed Press Members;
Ambassador Mr. Dr. Milan Jazbec and his committee, who are in our city due to the starting of duty of the Slovenia Republic Honorary Consulate on March 5, 2012 have also visited on the same day Mr. Yusuf CİVELEK, İskenderun Mayor, Mr. M. Celalettin LEKESİZ', Hatay Governor and Mr. Ali İhsan SU', İskenderun District Governor in their offices. Later İskenderun Association of Journalists and its Chairman Mr. Şehmuz Aslan, were visited and subsequently holding a press meeting in the Association's Meeting Hall we came together with you, our valuable press members. The evening of the same day our Honorary Consulate has started his duty with a ceremony held at İskenderun Sailing Club.

The inauguration ceremony of the Slovenia Republic Hatay Honorary Consulate and the visits realized in this scope have reflected once more concretely the desire existing in both of the countries for taking the dimensions of the dynamic bilateral relationships between Our Country and Slovenia even further.

I offer my sincerest thanks and respects to Mr. Consul Dr. Milan Jazbec and his committee who are among us for reason of the Slovenia Republic Honorary Consulate entrusted to myself, valuable members of the protocol foremost my Esteemed Ministers and my Governor giving mentioned the honor of being together in this meaningful day, our guests and the İskenderun Association of Journalists and you, valuable press members for your close interest and support you have given for sharing it with the public.

Slovenia Republic
Hatay Honorary Consul