SteelOrbis – TOSÇELİK realized this year's third Market Conversations Meeting in Adana.

The meeting which was held on March 23, 2012 in Adana Seyhan Hotel got the steel sector under the lens.

The meeting which brought together the important players of the steel sector from almost all of Turkey in addition to Adana, was also colored with the comments from valuable speakers from the steel sector. 253 representatives of 102 reputed companies participated in the meeting which was realized with TOSÇELİK sponsorship and in this sense the high number of participants was reached in SteelOrbis meetings. The participants were together for approximately 4 hours and exchange opinions on the issues of the sector.

TOSÇELİK which hosted the meeting in which the steel sector was evaluated participated at a high level with Fatih TOSYALI’s presidency and with a team which also included Şerif TOSYALI.

TOSÇELİK Foreign Trade Director Bülent SAYGILI also gave a presentation in the meeting and explained both above TOSYALI HOLDING and its investments and made comments about the future of the steel sector.

Later Mr. Murat Eryılmaz and Mr. Mesut Özdöl from SteelOrbis gave their presentations.

The meeting ended with a panel in which three speakers took part and which took the form of questions&answers. The guests were entertained with a cocktail organized after the meeting.