As Tosyalı Holding, using world's resources productively, not being insensitive to social problems, making a contribution to the development our our country's human resource, and fulfilling the duty falling on us before the organizations, bodies and civil society organizations working in this director comprise our basic social responsibility understanding. We perceive our "Corporate prestige" formed as the result of efforts in this director as one of our strongest values.

Tosyalı Holding does not remain only with the investments it makes in the industry and education field, by showing the same sensitivity in the social projects and in addition to the innumerable aids given by building the Hacı Şerif Tosyalı Heatch Care Center and donated it to the Ministry of Health in 1998. Tosyalı Holding, while until now bringing to the society the Tosçelik Science Lycee, the Hacı Pervin Tosyalı Compassion Homes, Tosçelik Social Science lycee, Tosyalı Education Application School and Vocational Education Center, it has also laid the foundations of many more projects such as the Multi-Purpose Closed Sports Hall and started their preparations.

We are aware of the fact that our resources decreasing each passing day are not infinite and that the impacts of the products and activities on the environment need to be followed. Tosyalı Holding in order to keep under control its interaction with the environment has adopted the IS 14001 Environmental Management System which aims to minimize the damages to the soil, water, and air and which is a mg model established on the basis of risk analyses. In our facilities within the frame of activities directed at the protection of environment and human health national and international obligations are being followed.