Tosyalı acting with the slogan first the environment and the human is involved on this subject with sensitivity with the investments it is making and is giving life to successful applications.

As a family which has understood the importance of the human factor Tosyalı Holding keeps the welfare of its employees above every else. Other than has adopted its Social Activities Practices and to mingle among employees in special days.

All new systems are being installed with environmentally friendly and regeneration systems. Thus it is ensured that the processes operate in a closed cycle within themselves without producing any wastes. All measures have been taken in and outside our work sites regarding Work Health and Safety.

By developing an environmentally sensitive system it is continuously creating and giving life to new projects.

To give examples of these :

  • The fact that the existing dust collection capacity is high eliminates the amount of dust emitted to the environment. Thus a clean environment has been ensured for our employees both in terms of WHS and the Environment.
  • With the optimization studies performing regarding the oils used in the system the oils produced as waste are kept at a minimum level.
  • With the water facilities water optimization savings are made in the water and energy used and both the energy savings and the consumption of machine water is reduced.
  • Importance is placed in landscaping works.
  • With the steel mill on-line dust measurement system dust measurements can be done instantaneously.
  • Emission measurements are taken from the funnels.

Work is being done on many projects such as the projects above and improvements are being made in many areas related to the environment and WHS and a contribution is thus made to the national wealth.