Tosyalı Holding is displaying and exemplary structure in this subject by commissioning electrical energy, compressed air, cooling systems monitoring and control system in which latest technologies are used.

With these systems, it is aimed to;

  • Lower unit cost
  • Increase productivity
  • Determine the times for preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Reduced of ws / energy savings
  • Operation of the systems the optimum levels
  • By ensuring that system components fatigue in equal degrees to increase their level of maximum lifetime.

To summarize these systems in the Tosyalı Holding organization;

Energy Monitoring System :
Can be integrated with SAP,by using the Scada system the momentary, by shift, daily, weekly and monthly energy consumptions and production/energy costs of all main components from the lighting system to the filter system of all facilities are determined and by determining the improvement areas in the report created according to these calculations actions are taken. Thanks to these systems the information of all lines can be seen and controlled from a single point.

Air Control and Consumption Monitoring System :
By using the compressor management software information on the compressed air used in all lines can be obtained and by received the information on whether any leaks occur in the system or which system is operating properly and the correct capacity requirement, compressor, and air optimization can be done. Again in the light of the information obtained from this system using air with lower energy is made possible.

Cooling Systems Control and Monitoring System :
The technological infrastructure investments have been made for the cooling system to be more productive and thus the cooling processes are achieved by using lower energy per unit quantity and by setting the pump groups and fans to the pressure and temperature parameters it is aimed to achieve maximum productivity/minimum energy consumption in seasonal periods and by capturing the required pressure value.

Illumination Control System :
The in-factory illumination system can be centrally controlled. By virtue to this control system the hallways can be illuminated independently of each other as 25-50-75-100%. By this means the energy consumption is managed.