Tosyalı Holding, being aware of its social responsibilities, fulfills its responsibilities in our country's health care, education and sports fields under the condition that they are firstly, in its own region, and utilized the potential its stakeholders have in every field by developing them.

Tosyalı Holding which provides direct employment for nearly 3000 people in Iskenderun and its surroundings ,s making a great contribution to the social life. Among the Tosyalı employees nearly 100 disabled citizens are also provided by means of employment.

Tosyalı which also continues in the year 2012 to be a comprise which as a responsibility corporate company is sensitive to the environment and the society, at the same time innovative, continuously developing, having a high technology, a leader in the sector's development and involved in all part of the society not only with its products but also with all its activities, is continuing its activities in the scope of its social responsibility without interruption.

Additionally, in order to share with our employees and their families our experiences and developments in Tosyalı Holding our in-house and external publication the Tosyalı Magazine has atarted its publication life in February.

Hacı Şerif Tosyalı Health Care center
Tosyalı Holding, aware of its social responsibility, does not remain only with the investments it makes in the industrial area and also showing the same sensitivity in social projects as well, in addition to the numerous aid activities made also constructed the Hacı Şerif Tosyalı Health Care Center and donated it to the Ministry of Health in 1998.

Tosçelik Science Highschool
Tosçelik Science Highschool built by Tosyalı Holding in İskenderun on a 50.000 m2 area which is one of Turkish largest and most modern education facilities was brought to Turkish education in 2006. The Tosçelik Science Highschool which won a Turkish championship in 2009 in the inter - high schools mathematics competition found an important place among Science High Schools.

Tosçelik Osmaniye Social Sciences Highschool
The school which was built in Osmaniye in the Fakıuşağı Education Campus area with an area of 4813 m2 and with a 24 student capacity and constructed aim to enable 384 students to be educated in its 16 classrooms was completed with an investment of approximately 3 million TL. The Tosçelik Osmaniye Social Sciences Highschool which has 8 laboratories, exhibition hall, library and closed sport hall started education and instruction as of education year 2010 - 2012

Hacı Pervin Tosyalı Compassion Homes
The Compassion Homes the foundations of which Tosyalı Holding laid within the scope of its corporate social responsibility projects entered into service on April 23 2011. The Compassion Homes where orphans from ages 0-6 and 6-12 will grow up in a home environment and which is a project of 10 villas where the care of an average of 100 children is undertaken was donated to the Society Services and Child Welfare Organization.

Tosyalı Education Application School and Vocational Education Center
The school planned for construction in order to resolve the educational shortfall for the mentally disabled will consist of two sections, being the "education training" and "vocational education center". In the "education training "section education shall be given to medium-serious mentally disable children in the 3-14 age group. In the "Education Application School" it is aimed to give students daily living skills and preparing them for life and in later stages to teach the color concept, form concept, rhythmical counting, simple addition-subtraction operation and reading and writing.

In the school's "Vocational Education Center" on the other hand, to 16 age and above individuals who are outside the age for mandatory education who are in need of special education courses shall be opened based on the need for one, two or three years. In these courses in addition to academic knowledge and skills a vocational training program shall be implemented. Those completing the course program will be directed to work in and occupation in other non-formal education programs.

Toscelik Multi Functional Closed Sport Complex
With its aspect of covering a very important shortage of our Osmaniye city it will serve our youth and at the same time will also enable the organization of national and international competitions. The complex will be built on a 7.100 square meters area and the building ground settlement area will be 3.500 square meters. The Games area will enable the organization of Basketball, Handball and Volleyball competitions and it will also have a 2.000 seat spectator capacity and 4 multipurpose training halls. In the facility there will also be sportsmen – referee changing rooms, physician room and doping control center and the VIP lounge and fitness hall; at the same time it shall have 4 broadcasting room and press rooms. The approximately estimated cost of the complex is 7.800.000 TL.

Tosyalı Holding, with its awareness of social responsibility is providing scholarship support for the children of all its employees who study in a university.

Have A Wish Project
Within the scope of the project developed by the Iskenderun District Governor's Office by meeting the requests of orphaned children bottom for their education and studies and their personnel needs it has enables the children to reach their wishes.

BM 4. Sponsorship of Least Developed Countries Conference 09 – 13/05/2011
Today global solutions are required in order to fight the challenges which humanity comes across on a global scale. New tests such as energy and food security, climate changes have settled in the first positions in the world's agenda as multifaceted and complex problems which may have very serious socio-economic consequences, which may impact human health and require a new paradigm and development strategies.

These global challenges affect more especially the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) which are the poorest and weakest of the international community. Naturally this situation makes it imperative that the international community acts jointly against the problems of the LDCs and create common solutions.

UN LDC Conferences were started to be organized in the year 1981 for the purpose of finding a solution to the problems of LDCs, ensuring that the international community focuses on the difficulties of these countries and especially to acknowledge the support undertakings of their development partners. In this framework Tosyalı has been including in the project as the sponsor of the conference.

Let No Schools with Stoves Remain;
With the organization of the Iskenderun District Governor's Office my making air conditioner aid for our schools support was given to the "Let No Schools with Stoves Remain" project.

Tosyalı Holding brought water to the Düğünyurdu Village which was without water since 70 years.

Monetary support was provided for the Mustafa Kemal University Iskenderun Campus