Central Purchasing Department; Carries out the work for the provision of all requirement of the Tosyalı Holding companies such as semi-finished products, operation, spare parts and services with the exception of raw materials.

Supplier Application

*Supplier Application Form


Proposals are requested from our suppliers over the SAP program with the "Proposal Form" Proposals received are included automatically in our system. Proposals which are found to be suitable, on the other hand, are conveyed to our suppliers with the "Order Form".

Points to note;

  • Responding to proposals within the proposal giving time
  • In the event the e-mail addresses registered in our system are changed making the updating and informing us,
  • Confirmation of order forms,
  • Ordered materials being sent to the correct addresses found in the letterhead section
  • Sending the invoices in a timely manner and together with the order numbers


  1. *Proposal Form
  2. *Order Form



E-mail :
Tel : 0328 8268080
Fax : 0328 8268888