The investment of the annual 400.000 ton capacity Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Facilities the foundations of which were laid in April 2008 at the Osmaniye Facility on a 350.000 m2 areawas completed in a short time of 1 year and has started production in April 2009. Our facility has a very broad production portfolio in the diameter range of Ø 16" –Ø 120" up to 38 meters, meeting all norms regarding spiral pipes with the API standards at the forefront.

In the facilities, which have the newest production technology, additionally all kinds of internal and external protective coatings are applications and domestic and international specifications can be answered.

All pipes are continuously measured for out of roundness at final visual and dimensional inspection station.The inspection is performed by laser sensors and PLC based automation. The pipe number to be tested is recorded by operator. The inspection results are entered by HMI Screen. System will calculate the out of roundness and compare with the limit given by related specification.Laser Head is rotated to measure the diameter at any point of pipe. Pipe is turned to inspect each end in the same station.